We do not want to think about age but when it comes time for us to stop we must clarify certain important questions when it comes to taking out life insurance.

42% of Spaniards over 25 claim to have contracted some type of life insurance: 16.7% linked to a mortgage and 25.3% “open market”, without linking to any type of financial product, according to The Institute of Sociological Studies Analysis and Research.

First of all is to know What is select quote life insurance?

Life insurance is a private insurance that covers the economic risk that the family runs when the insured dies or their survival at maturity.

When you carry out life insurance you have to take into account some data such as the number of children and if they are in your charge. There are many types of life insurance, here we will analyze a few.

Temporary life insurance: The insurance company only pays the agreed amount if the insured dies during the term agreed in the contract of life policy.
Ordinary or life insurance: through a premium payment this insurance protects the insured all his life. Constant payment of these premiums is required.
Total life insurance: the insurance company will pay the agreed amount at the end of the term contracted or at the time the insured dies. Offers protection for death and survival.
To smartly contract life insurance it is necessary to make comparisons of several companies. The more benefits a policy has, the higher its cost, but we can not be guided solely by price as each individual has their own needs. It is important to agree on the form of payment: single payment, trust, fixed payments