With more than half a century of growing and packing experience, Starr Produce Company is totally dedicated to providing the finest quality of fresh produce.

Starr Produce Company’s Texas location in Rio Grande City features cantaloupe and honeydew as well as red, fresh market potatoes. While there is some production in the Fall, heavy commercial volume from this location occurs during the Spring. Promotions are available during peak production periods.

Fall Honeydew
Available mid-October and NovemberStarr Produce Company has sweet hybrid varieties of honeydew in Texas during the Fall. Usage of drip irrigation and plastic mulch insures a top quality product with uniform appearance, size and natural sugars. The honeydew are shed-packed in cartons and labeled with PLU’s.


Available May and JuneStarr Produce Company chooses cantaloupe varieties that offer increased sweetness, improved appearance and good sizing. Our cantaloupe are also grown on drip irrigation and plastic mulch. This cultural practice assures our customers of the best quality grown product that has good straw color and a high uniform net and they have great taste. The fruit is cleaned, graded, cooled and inspected in the shed. Starr Produce conforms to all of the Federal Marketing Order standards regulated by the South Texas Melon Committee.


Available May and JuneStarr’s Texas honeydew varieties are selected for their high sugars and flavor. Starr Produce Company strives to consistently exceed the industry’s minimum sugar levels set by the Federal Marketing Order regulated by the South Texas Melon Committee as well as conforming to all of the Federal Marketing Order standards. All of our honeydew, like our other melon products are grown on drip and plastic. This cultural practice helps to eliminate scarring and goes a long way in producing a sweet, creamy colored, relatively blemish-free honeydew. The fruit is shed-packed, inspected and packed in cartons.