VolcanoStarr Produce Company’s operation in Mexico produces top quality, honeydew and watermelon.

Attention to detail is what makes Starr Produce Company’s melon program in Mexico top notch. As landowners, our growing areas have been specifically selected for their optimum growing conditions. Volcanic soils and tropical climates produce honeydew and watermelon with great interior and exterior quality. Complete control of the product from planting to shipping assures Starr’s customers of a top quality product as well as completely addressing the food safety issues that are so prevalent in the produce industry today. Promotions are available during peak production periods.

Available from December through AprilHybrid varieties with good sugars, uniform size and shape are the ones selected for Starr’s honeydew program. Our honeydew are grown on plastic mulch with drip irrigation to provide a top quality product while conserving our natural resources. These melons are shed-packed, labeled with PLU stickers and cartoned. They are then shipped to Starr’s Texas location for U.S. distribution.
Available from December into MayStarr Produce Company specializes in seedless as well as seeded watermelon. Close attention to the growing of the watermelon produces top quality product especially when grown on plastic mulch with drip irrigation. The popularity of seedless watermelon continues to increase and Starr Produce offers red-meat and yellow seedless varieties with firmness, crispness, superior sweetness and lengthened shelf life. Starr’s seeded program also offers the popular Sangria-type. Watermelons are stickered with PLU’s and packed in cartons. The watermelon are shipped to Starr’s Texas location for U.S. distribution.

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