Facebook auto post group Open Graph

Business has only 2 functions – Marketing and Innovation (Kundera). Open Graph simplifies marketing, therefore I expect the innovation to increase accordingly.The beauty of the social media phenomenon, this golden age of interconnectivity, is that we have the choice. There is not one singular option that prevails and pervades until now. Facebook will become the default website personalization tool by removing their API constraints. The limitations that came with the use of Facebook’s API to personalize your browsing experience will be lifted. Websites used to have a 24 hour time limit for using the API-based Open Graph data, but limits are now officially rescinded, and opened to unlimited usage. In the past there have been hackers that have circumvented the process as well as the honest developers that re-installed the program daily. But now everything is public domain. Open Graph data will be pulled and pooled automatically due to the new auto-authentication feature.

Facebook Connect expedited the external login process via Facebook’s existing interface. But Open Graph will allow external websites to “hard-wire” features previously bound to Facebook. Developers will be like kids in a candy store picking and choosing which features they would like to integrate into their website. A developer will be able to add status feeds, notifications, popular apps, and countless other successfully pre-approved codes.

So what does this mean?

Heavy is the head that wore the crown

Google was king, but Facebook took the helm. And, as king they did something unexpected they opened there platform. Google will probably do something similar using their own personalization algorithms – or they could further shake the foundation by surpassing our expectations. The proverbial ball is in their court. I would assert that the huge amount of analytics Google has stored since its inception makes their Open Graph data and protocol more valuable than that of Facebook. Whatever they decide to do, it is set in stone that they have to do something. Facebook’s Open Graph will create a bond, a symbiotic integration with websites and Facebook. My Facebook login can now be used for my favorite online shopping destinations. These relationships will only grow stronger over time.

Is this goodbye for Paypal if we use facebook auto post group?

Ever since Facebook intro’d the initial Facebook currency beta we knew there had to be an end game – a culmination. It was evident by the resources devoted to the development of Facebook Credits that the hope was for their virtual currency to be used as a method of payment across the web. The next logical step to opening their API based Open Graph data is to impress upon the online community the benefits of their virtual currency. Eventually I may be able to access the Nike store with my FB login and buy a pair of shoes with my accumulated bank of Facebook Credits. PayPal should be worried about this, because Facebook Credits eliminate the need to disseminate my credit card information further.

The Inverse Relationship: Buyer’s Remorse and Amount of Facebook Friends with facebook auto post group:

What do we do when we are unsure of a purchase? We seek out those that we trust to get their opinion. What if Facebook does the seeking for me? Websites can, and will, now streamline their pages to your, liking. Pages and product placement will self propagate based on your “Facebook Likes” as well as those of your friends. I could visit an online shoe store and see what my friend purchased from the store. This would ease my nerves, if I had any, and it would automatically tell me what my friends thought. This would also help during the holidays – I would be able to glean the types of products my uncle likes from Best Buy, for example. The instant trust a website gains by featuring a large amount of my friends as patrons is invaluable.

The Rich Getting Richer

Every website that integrates Facebook’s platform will be automatically compiling and returning valuable analytics. All this data is then a saleable commodity for Facebook. This commodity makes Facebook auto poster software ¬†an even more important player in the social media market. They are already the most visited website, and with their Open Graph integration they could become the top statistic and analytics hub in the world.